"What could your middle name be, Shmooboogy?"

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Girl Meets World recreates archived Boy Meets World photos

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Happy 34th Birthday to Ben Savage!

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Boy Meets World (1993) / Girl Meets World (2014)

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Anonymous asked: I love GMW and it makes me so happy bc BMW was my life back in the day. Tbh tho I wish they hadnt cut the older brother role out of GMW even tho it didn't match up w the timeline it's sucks bc of how great it would've been kinda like Eric and Corey it would've been awesome but oh well I still love the show.

yeah i’m upset about them cutting out that part too.. but it seems like teo halm’s acting career has really taken off despite getting the axe on GMW. would like to have seen the original pilot with him in it though… wonder how different the relationship would be with elliot and riley rather than riley and auggie.

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one of the funniest cory scenes!

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it’s 2014 and cory/topanga still give me so many feels

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Shawn was one of the best friend’s in television history.

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I’m not surprised! But it’s nice to know it’s official!

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