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Shawn Hunter & Maya Hart Comparison Series: The Hair Flip

thanks for the suggestion toneofechoes!

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Girl Meets World has been nominated as one of Teen Choice Awards’ Choice Summer TV Shows!
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Anonymous asked: what's your opinion on the episode "state of the unions" ? is it worth paying for in your opinion?

it’s decent. definitely not the best episode of the series.. although feeny gets married so that part is cute. the rest is just simply topanga’s parents arguing and then telling topanga that they’re getting divorced.

if you have to pay i’d say it’s not worth it. you can probably find it for free online somewhere :p

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Anonymous asked: top 10 favorite episodes or favorite episode from each season?

oh man that’s tough… i guess i’ll do each season because top ten in general is way too hard! (also my views are skewed because my favorite episodes are based around cory and topanga so i’ll make a cory/topanga list and then a best episode in general list :p)

Cory and Topanga:

    Season 1: 1x04 Cory’s Alternative Friends
  • Season 2: 2x09 Fear Strikes Out
  • Season 3: 3x03 What I Meant to Say
  • Season 4: 4x16/17 A Long Walk to Pittsburgh
  • Season 5: 5x20 Starry Night
  • Season 6: 6x01/02 His/Her Answer
  • Season 7: 7x07 It’s About Time


  • Season 1: 1x15 Model Family
  • Season 2: 2x17 On the Air
  • Season 3: 3x18 Life Lessons
  • Season 4: 4x05 Shallow Boy & 4x15 Chick Like Me
  • Season 5: 5x24 Graduation
  • Season 6: 6x20 The Truth About Honesty
  • Season 7: 7x22/23 Brave New World

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Like Father, Like Daughter

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Boy Meets World 5.11 
Girl Meets World 1.01

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To celebrate the premiere of Girl Meets World, I decided to make my first ever follow forever! All the blogs on this list are BMW/GMW related. So, listen to Cory and Topanga up there and follow them! Especially if you want your dash filled with BMW and GMW awesomeness :)

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GMW/BMW Cast Official Blogs

rowanblanchardxx - sabrinacarpenter - dfishel

i’m beyond honored! tysm! <3

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